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Why Laser Surgery?
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Why Laser Surgery?


Lasers offer the advantage of full visualization and control by the surgeon. Unlike RF ablation or Microwave ablation where the energy-emitting antenna is positioned in the prostatic urethra using anatomical landmarks and prostatic measurements, laser energy is delivered under direct visualization by the surgeon via a cystoscope. An analogy would be; the difference between flying an airplane by instruments or flying by direct visualization. The extra safety afforded by a visually controlled treatment is obvious. The surgeon can direct the energy exactly where he wants it and provide a highly precise treatment.

Unlike radiofrequency devices, or traditional electrosurgical resection surgery (TURP), laser energy cannot interact adversely with implanted metallic devices nor present a risk of burns due to miss-applied grounding pads.
Laser surgery by vaporization or vaporesection provides near immediate relief of symptoms, avoids long catheterization periods, and avoids much of the post-treatment discomfort that can accompany other procedures.

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