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Frequently Asked Questions
. I’ve been considering various other minimally-invasive therapies such as microwave thermal therapy or RF ablation. Why would I want to consider a more invasive laser surgery?
. I had a previous BPH treatment some years ago and now my symptoms have come back. I’m thinking I need another treatment. Should I go with a laser procedure?
. I asked my doctor about the thulium laser and he didn’t really know anything about it. He said that he could treat my BPH with the green-light laser, which he said was fine. What should I do?
. My doctor wants to perform a TURP on me but according to what I’ve read, the TURP procedure has a high complication rate. Does laser prostatectomy provide the same outcome as TURP?
. After reading a lot of material, I think I would like a thulium laser prostatectomy, but there are no surgeons in my area. What should I do?